kegs of beer delivered right to your party

Frat Tap is licensed by the Massachusetts ABCC.

What We Do

1) We deliver your customized keg right to you!

After you download the App and customize your keg (size / type of beer), one of our experienced keg-handlers will bring you your keg. You can ask them how to put the tap on, how to properly pour your beer, anything. They're there to bring you your beer and answer any questions.

2) RAGE!

Master the keg stand! Now that you have your keg the keys to your party have been delivered. Now it’s up to you to forget about work for a few hours and enjoy a few (or more) cold ones.

3) We take away the empty keg/tap when you're done!

Once a delivery is complete you will have the option to choose your pick up time on the app. You must be physically present for the pickup so that our driver can ensure the keg and tap are both returned. Once our driver has confirmed the pick up, you are all set! That was easy wasn’t it?

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to request a custom order that is not currently available on the app, please feel free to reach out!